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Questions & Answers

Before you make a decision


What happens during a session?

Each session is bespoke to your situation. We use a variety of Psycho-Sensory Techniques to help you achieve resolve. These help you process the negative sights, sounds and feelings you have and build new positive associations.

We will investigate how your mind has stored the event and distort these to a more positive imprint which allows you to get back the feelings of confidence and enjoyment you previously had.  

How long is a session and how many will I need?

Each session lasts between 30-40 minutes via a video call. This enables us to help people worldwide and quickly.

Typically 1-2 sessions are all that is required to resolve an incident. However, some clients go on to work with other relating issues and do request additional sessions.

We only charge for success so if extra time is needed during a session then the session will be extended until we reach resolution.

Do you offer riding lessons?

Currently, HorsesInMind offers Psychological services to equestrians. We are not qualified to teach or advise on riding.

We do, however, have many contacts around the UK whom we can refer you too should you need additional support in the saddle. 

Later this year we will be training several riding instructors to become HorsesInMind Confidence Coaches who will combine riding with our effective methods for a combined service.